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Finding a local community has slowly rebuilt my trust in society. Look around you. Who is doing what in your area? Can they help you? Can you help them? These are my favourite places and people near where I live. Perhaps these suggestions will help you find yours:



Camden Garden Centre

It has a brilliant, well-sourced cafe, and helps local youth find employment and training.


Urban Growth

Jobs in Mind provides individuals with severe and enduring mental health issues with horticultural training in an allotment near my flat.


St Luke's, Holloway

This was Rev Dave Tomlinson's parish (see "How to be a Bad Christian and a Better Human Being" below) until he retired recently. It's both modern and progressive (LGBTQ+ supportive and often refers to God as "Her" and "She"), but simple and not trying to be "cool". It doubles as a homeless shelter on the weekends in winter and is always welcoming. Plus the choir sounds like actual angels.