Bec Hill

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Need a little hope?

I did a lot of research to write "I'll Be Bec" and unsurprisingly, some of it was rather depressing. However, it did also open my eyes to a lot of wonderful stuff that is happening all over the world.

Here, I have linked to some of the sites, books and places which gave (and still give) me hope. May they provide you with the same solace and inspiration. Please feel free to add your own links in the comments.

A final note and little plug - I want to thank MOO for the business cards which have the link to this blog on them. I worked for MOO many years ago and they were the first company to make me feel better about the direction the world is heading. Their stock is sourced from sustainable forests (or made from recycled t-shirt offcuts) and the office itself aimed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Not to mention the care and support they have for their customers and staff. May this be a trend we see in all workplaces.

Bec x